Sustainable Enterprise of Community Health Tourism in Nan Province after Covid-19

  • Catthaleeya Rerkpichai
  • Pornwipha Singporn
  • Phimchaya Jetjiroj
Keywords: Community enterprise network development, sustainability, community health tourism, COVID-19 pandemic



    The objectives of this research were to (1) analyze the potential of community tourism businesses in community development in Ban Mai District, Nan Province, (2) study the level of public and private support that affects the level of participation, and (3) develop a health tourism network as a tourism model that determines product development in the community.  In this study, the researcher  had 61 participants joining the study on a voluntary basis: 2 medical service representatives from two health tourism government agencies, 1 community chair or village headman, 8 herb growers and 50 traveling tourists. There were three research tools for data collection: questionnaires, participatory workshops and in-depth interviews.  The researcher used mean and standard deviation for data analysis, followed by content analysis of interview data.  The research results revealed that the community showed readiness for participation in solving problems collectively, and health service users were satisfied with health tourism in Ban Mai Phatthana District Nan Province. Overall satisfaction by mean values were:  social and cultural souvenirs at 4.36 (SD=.413), location and environment satisfaction at 4.26 (SD=.352), and participation at 4.24  (SD =.472), respectively.

 Keywords: Community enterprise network development, sustainability, community health tourism, COVID-19 pandemic