Management Strategies Used by Thai Private Educational Institutions in Support of the ASEAN Community

  • Laddawan Petchroj Rajapruk University
Keywords: Strategies of educational management, Thai private university, the ASEAN Community



     The objectives of this research were to investigate strategies of educational management in Thai private higher education institutions in the context of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Community. The questionnaire was used to collect data from 424 administrators and faculty members from Thai private higher education institutions. The data then were analyzed by exploratory factor analysis to extract education strategy factors by using the principle axis method and varimax orthogonal rotation technique. The results were as follows: there were high levels in general administration, arts and culture preservation, curriculum and teaching management, research and academic services for society, and  6 factors or elements  including (1) collaboration in doing research regarding the ASEAN knowledge, (2) ASEAN public relations via various types of multimedia, (3) development of infrastructure and communicational skills in teachers and education personnel, (4) awareness of different traditions and cultures in ASEAN, (5) cooperation of ASEAN educational policy, and (6) development of international curriculum.            

Keywords Strategies of educational management, Thai private university, the ASEAN Community